Search for gold at Prague castle


Today, it is hard to believe that Prague Castle really used to be a fortress with walls. Let's take a walk in the early evening, maybe we'll meet some local ghosts and find gold!

Where are the coronation jewels of Czech kings stored? What will happen to those who improperly put the St. Wenceslas crown on their heads? How much does the largest Czech bell Zikmund weigh and what legends are associated with it? Why is the Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička) called Golden?

Join us for a walk around the grounds of Prague Castle, where we will visit the Zlatá ulička and other nooks and crannies that you may not know about. You will also learn which ghost harassed Charles IV. after riotous celebrations with Bušek from Velhartice. 

Important information:

  • For children aged about 6 to 13, as well as for their parents and siblings
  • The duration of the walk is about 1 hr 45 min.
  • Meeting at the Lví dvůr café at the Prague Castle tram stop
  • End in Zlatá ulička or in Klárov