The legendary Vyšehrad and its secrets


Where did Šemík and Horymír jump from? Where did come from and what was the purpose of the mysterious Devil's Column? Where is the legendary large cave with knights? 

Our walk will start in the old Podskalí, under the Vyšehrad bluff. We will talk about the raftsmen who ended their voyages here and about the local distinctive Podskaláks and the way they speak.

Then we'll ascend to the legendary Vyšehrad, where the oldest royal palace in the country was located, and talk about its legends and history. We will see a monumental fortification, the rotunda of St. Martin, the basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul and the mysterious Devil's Column.

If you want to know which prince brought 12 baskets of stones to the foundations of the church, what St. Martin gave to the beggar, or where the Myslbek statues originally located on Palacký Bridge now stand, come with us after the legends of Vyšehrad. 

Important information:

  • Meeting at Podskalská celnice na Výtoni (tram stop Výtoň).
  • Length: 1 hr 45 min.
  • For children aged about 6 to 13 and their parents and siblings.
  • End at Vyšehrad.