Our Story

 How PRAHA jak ji neznáte came into being

We are two colleagues and at the same time a family tandem - a mother and a daughter. We have both been certified guides to Prague for many years, with a wealth of experience, and our daily work is guiding tours with English and Spanish speaking tourists.

In the spring of 2020, many people had their lives turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, guides in Prague were no exception.

When we recovered from the initial shock and realized that our usual clientele probably wouldn't be appearing for a while, we decided to try something a little different, and new to us, which is to offer guided walks through Prague to local clients, and especially to families who are looking for a fun and informative program for children.

We are really happy that both Czechs, Moravians, foreigners who live here, and even Praguers are interested in learning about our history and want to see Prague with a guide.

Thank you very much for your kindness, and we look forward to seeing you on some of our walks through old Prague!

Bc. Andrea Zimová

Andrea was inspired to work as a guide almost immediately after the borders opened in the 1990s. And she's quite good at it, because she has been doing it ever since. She has passed all the guide exams available in our country, and recently she also started studying religious history. She is interested in geocaching and the history of Vyšehrad and Podskalí, where she also lives.

Bc. Markéta Lášková Žižková

Markéta originally intended to be a guide as a part-time job, but she liked the profession of a guide so much that it became not just a hobby, but a full-time job. In addition to all kinds of exams, including an exam for guides in the Jewish Museum in Prague, she also has a diploma in art history. She likes photography and is the author of most of the photos on this website.

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