Where to go with children in Prague? Take a guided tour of Prague

Quizzes, quests and scary stories. Our walks through Prague will entertain your children ;-)

And what will actually happen on the tour of Prague?

 The program of our experiential walks is adapted for children of younger school age, i.e., from about 6 to 13 years. They can actively participate in the tour and try to answer various quizzes and riddles, for which they earn rewards. 

Younger children will have fun looking for house signs and even adults are guaranteed to hear interesting things they didn't know. Along the way, children will learn not only about what legends are told about the places they visit, but also that the actual history can be quite scary.

How long will it take?

 All our non-traditional walks through Prague last about an hour and three quarters, which even younger siblings can handle, and the number of people in a group usually does not exceed twenty. Everything can be completed even with a pram, so walks are suitable for whole families who are looking for a fun and meaningful program for children in Prague.

 Prague is big, so if you like one walk, you can come for a different one next time - that would please us the most :)

How much will it cost?

 Admission is 190 CZK for adults, 110 CZK for students and pensioners, and 70 CZK for children.

 We offer a total of five children's tours:

Mysterious passages and legends of the Old Town, Nový Svět and Hradčany full of legends, the Mythical Vyšehrad and its secrets, Search for gold at Prague Castle, Charles Bridge with children's competition and the Alleys and Gardens of the Lesser Town.

Where did Šemík and Horymír jump from? Where did come from and what was the purpose of the mysterious Devil's Column? Where is the legendary large cave with knights?

Today, it is hard to believe that Prague Castle really used to be a fortress with walls. Let's take a walk in the early evening, maybe we'll meet some local ghosts and find gold!