Send us a question about a tour of Prague

We plan our group tours on different topics usually on weekends or weekday evenings.

We request that you buy the tickest in pre-sale or book your place with an SMS at +420 605 094 676.

You can also schedule a private tour only for you and your family or friends. It can happen anytime and if you want we can provide transport or even secure a steamboat ride.

In 2020 we offer a 10% discount on private tours (original price 700 CZK/h, new price 630 CZK/h).

For the price calculation please don't forget to specify the number of people in the group.


Bc. Markéta Lášková Žižková

Herrmannova 1348, Praha, 143 00 

IČ 86570277

+420 605984676

+420 603956511

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